Hello once again.

I’m still doing Science so I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. It’s Valentine’s Day Eve! YAY! Or what my friend likes to call it, Desperation Day Eve! Why is this so? Well because he’s in the midst of chasing his sweetheart and I’m giving him my full support as he’s really changed a lot! From an asshole to a gentlemen, within 1 night! Amazing isn’t it?

Well for me, I’m just happy I have my friendly PS3 and a lovely lady to spend my free time with. What are you thinking? It’s my Macbook of course -.- Actually not really. But anyways, I’m into video making again and you can always support me by going to……www.youtube.com/PS3nPSP

Support me and make me a star! YAY! Just kidding. I’m not forcing you or anything, just go if you want to see some of my videos.



Posted: February 9, 2011 in My Life Story

I come back late everyday and I have to rush headlong into a mountain of homework….so well here’s my weblog for today.

Started the day off bad. The SST Googlesite was down so I could not access my presentation. Awkwardness for me as I made eye contact with her unknowingly. Have you ever made eye contact with one from the opposite gender before? Cause if you have, you’ll know it’s…..awkward. However she’s a real beauty though. Good in studies, and good in everything else. Mr Koh was singing in class. And that was….big lolz for everyone. It’s so beautiful~~

Best thing that happened today was that Shawn is now a gentlemen! It’s so awesome I can’t really believe it. I think I’m gonna lose my mind. Talking about losing my mind, just got the “The Wanted” album and heck, Lose my Mind is a great song to describe my feelings now. It ain’t that things are going wrong between me and Jolin. It’s just….part of puberty no? Crushes? Nah. I’m just kidding. Or am I?

Well, I got to work on the Glider I codenamed “X1”. It ain’t much now but my hopes are high. I just love giving my all, regardless whether we win or lose. It’s just the honour of representing the school.

First Post

Posted: February 8, 2011 in My Life Story

This is my first time using WordPress and it’s already turning out to be pretty cool. Much more functions than blogger so I think I’ll be here to stay 😀

Well about today. Today was kinda horrible D: Had some person spread rumours that I like a person in my class. Heck! She’s the most obedient girl in class and IF given the chance I would like her but I don’t. I WOULD like her if I could, but I think she’s too good for me and that I’ve to stay loyal.

It’s been 1.2 months since the start of 2011 and I still have not been into the Earth Science Lab yet. I so want to go in! We had to go to Hong Kah Secondary School to play soccer and we lost…..13-0 A very bad score in my opinion but understandable due to the fact that they were one of the best. One thing I loved was the field, artificial!

So that sums up my day and I look forward to tomorrow!