Valentines Day Eve!! a.k.a Desperation Day Eve!

Posted: February 13, 2011 in My Life Story

Hello once again.

I’m still doing Science so I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. It’s Valentine’s Day Eve! YAY! Or what my friend likes to call it, Desperation Day Eve! Why is this so? Well because he’s in the midst of chasing his sweetheart and I’m giving him my full support as he’s really changed a lot! From an asshole to a gentlemen, within 1 night! Amazing isn’t it?

Well for me, I’m just happy I have my friendly PS3 and a lovely lady to spend my free time with. What are you thinking? It’s my Macbook of course -.- Actually not really. But anyways, I’m into video making again and you can always support me by going to……

Support me and make me a star! YAY! Just kidding. I’m not forcing you or anything, just go if you want to see some of my videos.


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